Our Mission

The Animal Haven is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission since 1948 is to provide a temporary, safe, caring and humane refuge for homeless, adoptable cats and dogs and to subsequently place these animals in quality, adoptive and permanent homes. The Animal Haven advocates responsible pet ownership, follows a mandatory spay-neuter policy, prohibits euthanizing its animals, except when euthanasia is in the best interests of a sick and/or dying animal, advised to be necessary by a licensed veterinarian and/or required by law, and works in the community to fight animal cruelty through education. The Animal Haven enlists and promotes public involvement in the humane treatment of animals and is committed to principles of justice and compassion for animals.

What We Do

The Animal Haven is a private, no-kill animal shelter that has been providing safe refuge to homeless and abandoned cats and dogs since 1948. The shelter is located in a beautiful wooded area on a seven-acre parcel of land in North Haven, Connecticut. The Animal Haven is a nonprofit, charitable organization exempt from federal and state taxation under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and related Connecticut laws.

We take in for a small fee cats and dogs surrendered by members of the Greater New Haven community and beyond. We also take in animals from municipal shelters were they are at risk of being euthanized. A veterinarian immediately examines all animals that enter The Animal Haven. These animals receive a complete health check, all vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. Because The Animal Haven is a no-kill shelter, there is no time limit on an animal’s stay at the shelter. All animals are provided with love, attention and respect from the staff and volunteers.

The Animal Haven’s number one priority (in addition to taking in homeless animals) is to match the shelter’s cats and dogs with appropriate adoptive individuals and families. The staff at The Animal Haven spends time with the animals that enter the shelter and understands each animal’s personality and needs so they can recommend those dogs or cats that are the best fit for any particular person or family. Many people adopt from The Animal Haven because of its reputation for honesty and integrity for the 70 years that it has been in existence.

How We Do What We Do

The Animal Haven employs one full-time employee and five part-time employees who provide daily care to the shelter’s animals and handle all aspects of the shelter’s adoptions. The kennel staff is trained, professional and knowledgeable. Our staff members are carefully selected based on their compassion and love for animals. They understand and advocate The Animal Haven’s mission of kindness and respect for animals, and each staff member is a source of animal behavior and welfare information.

The Animal Haven receives no funding from town or other government sources. All funding comes from private donations, entry and adoption fees, grants, and fundraising events. The Animal Haven’s reputation as a kind and humane shelter is reflected in the community’s continued financial support. The generosity and support of the community has kept The Animal Haven’s doors open since 1948.