If you would like to help enrich the lives of homeless animals, please complete our Volunteer Application & Agreement by clicking here and then e-mail it to ilovepets@theanimalhavenct.org or fax to (203) 239-2649, or deliver in person.

The Animal Haven needs people to fulfill many volunteer duties such as:

Dog Walkers

Come walk The Animal Haven’s dogs on our seven acres of land and enjoy some canine companionship. Our dogs so appreciate getting out of their kennels and runs for a little while and some quality one-on-one time and attention. If you would like a little exercise with a canine friend, please consider becoming a volunteer dog walker at The Animal Haven.

Dog Trainer

A little training from an experienced trainer goes a long way in helping our dogs find their forever homes. If you are an experienced trainer with a little extra time or just a desire to help shelter dogs find their forever homes, please apply to volunteer at The Animal Haven. We would welcome your assistance and participation in our mission to find forever homes for as many homeless and abandoned dogs as possible.

Fundraising Events Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to help organize and assist at fundraising events. If you would like to work with us on fundraising events to help raise money for the shelter, we welcome your participation!

Adoption Awareness Events and Food Drive Volunteer

The Animal Haven has monthly adoption awareness events and periodic food drives at different locations in the area. The adoption awareness events spread the word about adoption generally and about The Animal Haven in particular and feature one of the dogs at the shelter. At food drives, we collect food for the shelter generously donated by the public. If you would like to participate in adoption awareness events and/or food drives, please let us know by providing us with your volunteer application today.

Building Maintenance Volunteer

The Animal Haven is in need of a building maintenance person. If you have experience in the building industry and/or as a carpenter and have some time to volunteer at The Animal Haven, we would greatly appreciate your help with the routine maintenance of the shelter.

Gardening and Grounds Maintenance Volunteer

Do you love to garden? We have lots of land at The Animal Haven that can use some beautifying by someone with a green thumb. All of us here at The Animal Haven – canines, felines, and humans alike – will appreciate any and all of your efforts!

Administrative and Data Entry Volunteer

Do you want to put your computer and excel skills to work? If so, we need you! Please fill out a volunteer application, and we will contact you to discuss the shelter’s needs in more detail.

Shelter Assistant

We can always use help caring for the animals at the shelter. We need people to help us feed the animals, do the mounds of laundry that develop each day, clean the cat cages, clean the dog runs, and do general cleaning of the shelter. If you are interested in helping us care for the animals and keep the shelter clean, please apply to volunteer today.

Foster Parent

We often have animals who come to the shelter who, for a variety of reasons, would do much better in a foster home.

  • during kitten season, we have pregnant cats who would much prefer to give birth and take care of their kittens in the peace and quiet of a room in your home and we have kittens without their moms who would love to be cuddled and spoiled by you until they are big and strong enough to come back to the shelter and be spayed or neutered before they are adopted;
  • we sometimes have skittish cats who need individualized love and attention so they can learn to trust humans again;
  • we have dogs who are very nervous and upset in the shelter environment who would benefit tremendously by being fostered until they find their forever homes; and
  • we sometimes have puppies who would do much better in a home environment, rather than in the shelter, until they grow big and strong.

If you are interested in helping any of these dogs, cats, puppies and/or kittens,
please apply to become a member of The Animal Haven’s foster team.

You have to be at least 21 years old to volunteer at The Animal Haven.