About Us

Our Mission

The Animal Haven is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission since 1948 has been to provide a safe and humane refuge for homeless, abandoned, or surrendered cats and dogs, while we strive to find them loving, permanent homes.

What We Do

The Animal Haven is a private, not-for-profit animal shelter that has been providing refuge to homeless cats and dogs since 1948. The Animal Haven was established as a no-kill shelter, which it continues to be to this day. This means that we will not euthanize an animal, except when it is in the best interest of a sick or dying animal. The shelter is located in a beautiful, wooded area on a seven-acre parcel of land in North Haven, Connecticut.


We take in homeless, abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs from the Greater New Haven area and beyond. We also take in animals from municipal shelters if they are at risk of being euthanized. All animals that enter The Animal Haven receive physical examinations and health assessments and are vaccinated against disease. Ongoing problems are monitored and addressed. We have a mandatory spay-neuter policy for all animals to assist in reducing the unwanted dog and cat population.

The Animal Haven's first priority (in addition to taking in homeless animals) is to find them loving, permanent homes. The staff at The Animal Haven spend time with each animal to understand his or her personality and needs. This helps us to find a home that best suits each animal and to recommend a dog or cat that is the best fit for the person or family.

We never give up on an animal. If a cat or dog is not adoptable for any reason, he or she will live with us at the shelter for the rest of his or her life. The shelter animals are treated with respect and given caring attention by our staff and volunteers. We also provide comfortable spaces for the animals to live. The cats are in a cage-free environment with places to lounge, perch high up, or hide, as cats need. The dogs live in roomy, brightly lit kennels with outside runs that they can access throughout the day. They are walked daily on our seven-acre property and can exercise and play in our two outdoor pens.


How We Do What We Do

The Animal Haven employs two full-time employees (the shelter manager and assistant shelter manager) and seven part-time employees, who provide daily care to each animal and handle all aspects of intake and adoptions. The staff is trained, professional, and knowledgeable and has compassion and love for companion animals.

We do not receive funding from municipal or other government sources. All funding comes from private donations, adoption and surrender fees, grants, and fundraising events. The Animal Haven's excellent reputation as a humane shelter is reflected in the continued generous financial support that it receives from the community.